Press Release: KBA signs Collective Barganing Agreement

The Kenya Bankers Association and the Banking Insurance Finance Union (BIFU) yesterday afternoon signed the collective bargaining agreement, for the period 2011 to 2013.

The agreement will see the terms and conditions of work for Kenya Bankers staff improved. The negotiating parties agreed on key issues that centered on a 9% increment on basic salary for two years effective 1st March 2011.

Habil Olaka, Chief Executive Officer for Kenya Bankers Association, said, ‘Kenya Bankers Association is glad that the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations have come to a successful close.  The agreement only goes to show that Kenya Bankers Association is committed to ensuring that a highly motivated staff executes Kenya Bankers’ vision and mission. We endeavor to provide a good work environment and consciously enact strategies to create a culture of employee motivation. This will ensure we continue to deliver world class services to our clients.’

Present at the agreement signing will be Banking Insurance and Finance Union of Kenya represented by Mr. Joseph Ole Tipape and Mr. Tom Odero. On behalf of the banking industry, members of the negotiating team were derived from the Human Resources committee of the Association.

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